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Insulation Machine Truck & Trailer Systems

Insulation Machine Truck & Trailer Systems



Advanced Systems with the best size / weight to power / production ratio in the industry.


Cool Machines Insulation Machine Truck And Trailer System Setup

Stream-lined, low profile designs provide a robust space saving package.

Combining efficient use of space with our compact machines and accessories, we can save you time and money with a quick job-site set-up and tear down process. With our durable low maintenance systems, you are quickly on to the next job.

Total independence from job-site utilities!

Utilities will not be required with our on-board generators and water tanks.

Get the job done and look good doing it!

Like having a tailored suit, these systems are designed to fit your exact specifications. Our turn-key systems offer the professional edge, leaving you productive and profitable.

System Counseling

If you are ramping up your business, but don’t know what you need… we’re here to help with the plan! From the start, you are involved in every aspect of this creation; from which machine to what size truck or trailer you’ll need. Even if you have a vehicle you want us to work with, we can make it happen.

Things To Consider For Your Truck Or Trailer


Cool Machines Insulation Machine Truck And Trailer System Setup


Type of Vehicle

Trucks offer greater payload capabilities, can be PTO generator adaptable, and are easier to maneuver on job-sites. Trailers are more versatile with a properly sized 4x4 pick-up truck and have lower operating costs, (i.e. licensing, taxes, maintenance & fuel).

Gross Vehicle Weight GVW

Trucks less than 26,000 lb. non-CDL, offer more flexibility with approved drivers, but have limitations on size and weight of machine with payload capacity (water and insulation). A truck without a lift tailgate is preferred to add several hundred lbs. capacity and allow easier accessibility to machine and pump controls. Trailers should have at least two (2) 6,000 lbs. axles to transport total payload on 16ft. trailer and higher GVW ratings for large trailers depending on machine size and total payload requirements. (Consult factory for recommendations. We offer turn-key solutions: customer supplied vehicle or assist with a solution that meets your needs and budget)

Box Size

Depends on size & type of equipment, accessories, and total fiber used on the job. Most average size jobs require 70 to 80 bags of fiber (cellulose) and 125 gallons of water. For smaller systems, a 7’ wide x 7’ high x 16 ft. long box will be adequate. For larger systems, an 8’ wide x 8’ high x 24’ long box will be needed.

Power Supply

To offer total independence, we recommend on-board portable generators for smaller vehicles and PTO generators (trucks only) and diesel gen-sets for our larger systems. Job-site power is also an option for our small and mid-sized systems, lowering your fuel and maintenance costs for generator.

Floor Plan

Our streamlined equipment designs offer ample isle space without the need for special access doors. For Trucks: equipment is mounted to rear of vehicle for ease of access and rear axle traction. For Trailers: equipment is positioned to offer tongue weight at trailer hitch which provides ease of handling when driving an empty trailer (no fiber or water). Just like a house, your floor plan needs to make sense, and not all customers’ needs are the same. Our experiences have allowed us to make some of the most efficient systems in the market. After all, what good is cramming all your equipment into a vehicle without ease-of use, efficiency, and room for fiber.

Add-on Options

As with our machines, there are many options you can choose to make your selection the ultimate mobile system. From various gas vacuums for insulation removal to wall scrubbers to finish that wall spray job, we have it all.

Our Most Popular Options


Water Tanks

If water is not available at the job site, bring it with you to quench your machines thirst. Hauling water raises challenges due to weight and weather conditions. By placing the tank at the rear of the vehicle we eliminate the need for special access doors and heavier rated ‘front’ truck axles while providing better rear traction.

From our many tank options, we suggest a 125 gallon tank & cabinet for smaller to mid-size jobs and our 250 gallon tank for the big jobs. Our tank cabinets are insulated and heated to ensure all-weather performance and the streamlined profile provides efficient use of vehicle space.

The easy access pump cabinet with heavy duty ‘live’ hose reel, allows removal only of the hose needed for the job, and is designed for ease of use & maintenance.

Cool Machines Insulation Machine Truck And Trailer Systems Water Tank 

Hose reels

Our hose reels offer a great solution to the more cumbersome tools of the trade. We can get those bulky hoses out of the way and neatly stored, reducing set-up time and extending hose life.

With a variety of sizes and configurations in our line-up, we offer you options to neatly and efficiently store your hose.

Offered in fixed wall and floor mounted versions for truck/trailer systems, or caster wheel mobile bases for ultimate portability.

We suggest our popular dual (wall mounted) 48” hose reels. Placed above our 125/250 gallon water tank at rear of vehicle, they provide easy access while conserving valuable floor space.

(Inquire about or new “Live” hose reels. Remove ‘only’ the hose needed for your job while staying connected to machine)

 Cool Machines Insulation Machine Truck And Trailer Systems Hose Reel


Lack of power won't bring your job to a screeching halt. We have a variety of generator options to fit your power requirement needs.
(Note: Generators must be kept in dust free environment away from machine to prolong life of generator and protect operator from dangerous carbon monoxide fumes and noise.)

  • Portable Generators: For small economical rigs with ramps, a portable generator (with wheels), can be removed from vehicle to provide job-site power.
  • Gen-Set: We place a gas or diesel powered generator inside an enclosure within your vehicle, with a louvered access door to remove trapped heat. The generator is mounted on a heavy duty slider allowing the unit to be effortlessly pulled from the vehicle for fresh cooling air, while preventing noise and fumes from affecting the machine operator. This feature provides convenient access for fueling and service.
  • PTO Generator: We customize the truck to accommodate a PTO driveshaft powered from the truck engine/transmission, to drive the generator enclosed in an under-body aluminum tool box.
 Cool Machines Insulation Machine Truck And Trailer Systems Generators


The ONE Thing Every Insulation Truck / Trailer System Has In Common

Trucks and Trailers come in all different shapes and sizes, so it's important that the right type and size is picked for your needs. There are pro's and con's for both, and we'll work with you to narrow your choices down to the optimal solution.


Cool Machines Insulation Machine Truck And Trailer Systems Options


Trailer options to consider

  • Axle Load Rating
  • Dimensions: Width & Length
  • Rear Door Type
  • Side Door Placement
  • Nose & Hitch Options
  • Color Options

Truck options to consider

  • GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight)
  • Auto or Manual Transmission
  • Engine Size & Type: Horsepower/Diesel
  • Fuel Tank Size
  • Rear Door Type (Roll-up)
  • Side Door Placement
  • PTO Adaptable
Cool Machines Insulation Machine Truck And Trailer Systems Common Attributes
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